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Protected Victims & Witnesses

Mike started the first Victim/Witness service organization in the state to treat victims and witnesses of crime “as people too.” It continues to be a state-wide model.

He also co-chaired the state-wide campaign for a constitutional amendment to protect victim rights. The Amendment passed with 2 to 1 voter approval state-wide.

30 Years of Courtroom Experience

Hundreds of trials before judges and juries, including:

  • Experience as a prosecutor, defense attorney, and civil attorney
  • 20 murder trials
  • Hundreds of fraud, contract, injury, land, and divorce cases
  • Big cases and small cases

Elected Prosecutor

Mike Insco served three terms as the elected prosecutor of Buchanan County. He began a tradition of innovative public safety services that continue to this day. Those services have been copied state-wide.

He began or co-founded: Victim/Witness Services, the Child Abuse and Rape Task Forces, the Drug Strike Force, the Shelter for Battered Women, the Child Support Enforcement Unit.

His list of firsts in the state include: the first Victim/Witness services unit, the first welfare fraud trial and conviction, the first designer drug conviction, the first serial murderer conviction, Charles Hatcher, and the first criminal anti-trust conviction.

He was president of the Missouri Prosecutor’s Association and served on the crime commissions of three governors, both Democrat and Republican. He received awards from the Kansas City Chapter of MADD, the St. Joseph Fraternal Order of Police, and the Northwest Missouri Peace Officers Association.

Stopped Gas Price Fixing

Mike believes everyone should play by the rules. That’s why he successfully stopped local service stations from agreeing to fix gas prices at higher amounts.

Preserved the Courthouse

Mike Insco, his wife, and many friends organized the levy campaign to save the Buchanan County Courthouse from the wrecking ball and restore it to its present beauty.

Fought Illegal Drugs

In an effort to stem the increasing tide of illegal drugs, Mike Insco co-founded the Drug Strike Force and successfully prosecuted the first designer drug case in the state.

Eliminated Government Waste

Mike Insco served on Governor Carnahan’s Reinventing State Government Commission to make state government more efficient. He served as the organizer of the St. Joseph Buchanan County Joint Government Review Committee, a joint city/county organization. It enacted local programs to save taxpayer money.

He has worked as a judicial consultant in the states of Virginia and Illinois to speed up courts and make them more efficient.

Worked as a Youth Leader

Mike believes that we need to invest ourselves in our youth. He has spent years as a Boy Scout leader and even served on the local Boy Scout Executive Council. He is an Eagle Scout himself.

Serves the Community

Mike Insco has served in many public service organizations over the years including the Lions Club and downtown development organizations.

He has served as legal advisor to the St. Joseph Symphony for over 10 years.


  • St. Patrick Grade School
  • Christian Brothers High School
  • Missouri Western State University, with honors
  • University of Missouri, Kansas City, School of Law, with honors

Devoted Dad & Grandpa

Born and raised in Buchanan County, and fortunate enough to be the father of three children with one grandson.

Mike Insco for Judge

“Fairness and knowledge of the law protect the innocent from the guilty and give everyone their fair hearing in court. As judge, I will use my 30 years of courtroom experience as elected prosecutor, defense attorney, and civil attorney to give the people of Buchanan County the justice they deserve.”

– Mike Insco